German Valve

This homepage will give you an overview about Industrial Valves and Measuring Instruments.


You will found at the following sides informations about:

Globe Valves / Stop Valves

Control Valves

Globe Valves (bronze, brass, stainlee steel) / Needle Valves

Butterfly Valves

Gate Valves (soft sealing, metal sealing)

Knife Gate Valves

Ball Valves

Plug Valves

Diaphragm Valves

Strainers and Filters

Non Return Valves / Ball Check Valves / Strainer Basket with lift check valve

Pressure Reducing Valves (water, air, steam) / Temperature Control Valves 

Safety Valves / Overflow Valves

Air Valves / Air Release Valves

Expansion Joints / Hoses

Steam Traps

Solenoid Valves

Float Valves / Water Level Regulator

Pressure Gauge / Pressure Switches

Pressure Gauge Valves and Cocks



Measuring instruments

Long distance meter

Flow meters

Sight Glass Valves, Sight Glasses

Level Gauges / Magnetic Level Gauges

Pipe Interrupt Valves

Fire and deckwash Valves / Underground & Standpost Hydrants / Surfaces Boxes

Couplings and accessoires type "STORZ"

Cocks and couplings for compressed air

Couplings / Threaded Fittings

Flanges / Fittings

Thermostatic radiator valves

Actuators (pneumatic / electric)

Container / Receptacel

Equipment for boiler (steam and hot water)

Heater Exchanger

Gaskets and Seals, Technical Rubber and Engineering Plastics

Plastic Valves

Special Designs and Constructions 


You will get also an information about:

Flange dimensions

Comparison of Materials (DIN - BSI - ASTM) 

Face to face dimensions acc. DIN 3202 / acc. ANSI B 16.10

List of materials

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