Ball Valves

Shutoff device with one perforate ball. By turn of the ball the current can become released or closed. Ball valves are in such a way designed, which is as small as possible the friction with the rotation of the ball and an optimal sealing is ensured in the passage and in the stem guide. The ball to DN 80 mostly is swimming stored. With a quarter-turn the ball valve is closed or opened. During full passage the current almost takes place via the cock without resistance. Under normal conditions the ball valve is not to be used as throttle valve.

End connection:
-flange ends acc. DIN and ANSI
-welded ends (SW & BW)
-threaded ends

Nominal Diameter:
-DN 3 ... DN 900
-1/8" ... 36"

Nominal Pressure:
-PN 10 ... PN 800
-ANSI #150 ... ANSI #2500

Temperature Range: