Humidity measuring instruments

Humidity measuring instrument Surveymaster SM
Dampness diagnosis within the building area,
Resistance/high frequency measuring method
Measuring range: from 6 % to far over fiber saturation points
Wood and HFAe

Search mode: relative measured values, color scale
Dissolution: Measuring mode LCD 0,1%
Display: Measuring mode: with 3 digits and LED color scale
Search mode: LED color scale green yellow-red
Signal: only in the search mode
Scope of supply: Measuring instrument, durable sensor,
Depth measuring probe?Check?Check-Funktionskontrolle ", bag,
Battery and operating instruction

Thermal hydrometer Hygrostick 8703
Humidity measuring instrument with determination of dew point
combined display %rF/C/td, 2-zeilige LCD display,
Min/maximum value memory, Hold function,
Autopower off after 20 min, dew point switching
Measuring range: Temperature -10C. 50C
relative dampness: 5%rF. 95%rF

Supply inclusive battery

Temperature hygrometer DO 9406K
with logger 256KB
(26,000 measurements)
Multi-function measuring instrument with 2 inputs,
RS232 output exchangeable feelers
Channel A: Dampness/temp feeler; Channel B: Temp feeler
2-zeilige LCD display, switchable temperature
Dampness dew point and absolute dampness in g/m3,
Min/max display, Hold function,
Autopower off function, calibration manually.
Measuring range: Temperature: -20. 80C;
rel. Dampness: 5. 98%rF

Supply completely with dampness/temperature sensor
HD8501/S with interface cable, suit-case, battery and
Operating instruction

Technical book: " Humidity in buildings " diagnosis and handling

Thermal hygrometer model 1701
Thermal hygrometer with external sensor, plug-in,
Cable length 1 m, 2-zeilige LCD display,
Min/maximum value memory, Hold function,
Autopower off function after 20min (disconnectible)
Measuring range: Temperature: 0C. 50C
relative dampness: 10%. 95%rF

Automatic on/off calibration (only with calibration salt record)
Supply including sensor, 9 V battery and suit-cases

Accessories: Calibration salt record 33% + 75%rF

Thermal Hygro measuring system MS1E
Microprocessor-controlled measuring instrument for precise
Measurements of the relative dampness, air temperature,  
Surface temperature (Fuehler=Option),
Dew point temperature in C, drying ball temperature in C,
Water content g/kg, wet and dry bulb temperature in kJ/kg and
Water vapour partial pressure in mbar,
2-zeilige LCD display, dampness/dampness/displaydampness display
Measuring range: Temperature: -20C. 80C + / - 0,1C
relative dampness: 6%. 98%rF + / - 1%rF
Accuracy: + / - 1%rF (20. 90%rF)

Automatic 5-Point-Kalibration (Salze=Option)
Min/max measured value key, autopower off function,
RS232 interface (option)
Supply completely with sensor, 9 V battery, dampness calibration salt 75%rF and suit-case


Accessories: Calibration salts: 11%, 33%, 53%, 75%, 90%rF    
Compact thermal hygrometer REAR ONE 93640
Dampness/temperature gauge
Measuring range: Temperature: 0C. 60C
relative dampness: 5%. 95%rF
Accuracy: + / - 2%rF, + / - 0,4C

Voltage supply: 9 volt V
Sensor with sinter metal protective cap for industrial's applications.


Humidity measuring instruments