Electrical Transmitters

Measuring instrument to determine the air humidity values based on the dry and moist temperature. An attached water container provides for the moistening of the psychro sensor.The double-walled protection tubes protect the sensor from radiation.
Order-No. Technical Data
1.1130.20.000 Operating voltage

12 V AC / 6 VA
24 V AC / 11 VA
24 V DC / 8 W

1.1130.22.000 Operating voltage 12 V DC
  Measuring range 0 ... + 60 C
Measuring elements 2 x Pt 100, acc to. IEC 751Class A
Accuracy ( 0,15 K)
Time constant 17 s (90 %)
Air stream 4 ... 6 m/s
Water container 250 ml
Electr. connection 4-lead circuit
Connection 4 pole plug
Dimension 160 x 465 mm
Weight 3,7 kg


Measures and indicates humidity. Equipped with electrical output for long-range transmission. Sturdy construction. The exposed parts such as the case head and the immersion stem are made of stainless steel.


Technical Data
  Electr. output Connecting
1.1000.50.015 200 Ohm linear Lemo plug
1.1000.50.515 200 Ohm linear 3 m cable
Measuring range 10 ... 100 % rel. h.
Accuracy 2 % rel. h.
Scale graduation 1% rel. h. non-linear
Measuring element H
Ambient temp. -35 .... +70 C
Scale length 94 mm (90)
Stem 22 mm
Stem length 250 mm
Protection IP 65, case
Total length 350 mm
Weight 0,45 kg

Weather and Thermal Radiation Shield
Protective covering for the preceding hygro-transmitters out-of-doors. Helps to prevent atmospheric influences and radiation errors from influencing the measured results.


Technical Data
1.1025.51.000 Installation pin 22 x 27 mm
  Material Al, galvanised and varnished
Dimension 170 x 450 mm
Weight 2,5 kg

Wind Protection
Gauze- and wind protection, protects the humidity measuring element from coarse dust (> 0,32 mm) and error measurements in case of wind velocities > 3 m/s.Suitable for above hygro transmitter.
Order-No. Technical Data
1.0509.85.006 Diameter 24 mm
Length 200 mm
Mesh aperture 0,32 mm
Material Niro, Brass
Weight 0,022 kg


Aspiration Psychrometer Model Assmann

Portable, handy, sturdy standard instrument for psychrometric humidity measurements. Used as a control instrument for humidity measuring instruments. The thermometers acc. to DIN 58661 can be calibrated. The thermometer capillary has a blue background and a clearly printed scale. The instrument is equipped with a moistening device and a psychrometertable.Supplied in a case.
Order-No. Technical Data
1.0400.00.010 Measuring range - 10 ... + 60 C
  Accuracy 0,2 K, for thermometer
Graduation 0,2C
Aspirator spring-wound drive
Measuring time approx. 8 min( 4 ... 2 m/s)
Dimension 90 x 420 mm
Weight 3,5 kg

Sling Psychrometer
Simple, sturdy measuring instrument. The air ventilation required is attained by rotary centrifugal movement. The instrument is supplied with the required moistening device along with a psychrometric table.


Technical Data
1.0450.00.010 Measuring range - 10 ... + 60 C
  Accuracy 0,2 K
Graduation 0,2C
Dimension 305 x 60 x 22 mm
Weight 0,42 kg

Instrument Case
Black synthetic material case, lined with foam material for the above instrument including accessories.


Technical Data
1.0452.10.000 Colour black
  Dimension 350 x 230 x 70 mm
Weight 0,25 kg

Recording Instruments / CLARIO Hygrograph

Measures and records the relative humidity of the ambient atmosphere.
Recording width 82 mm

Order No. Recording period Clockwork
1.0610.xx.xxx 1/ 7 days hand wound
1.0614.xx.xxx 14/31 days hand wound
1.0615.xx.xxx 1/7/31 days Quartz
  Measuring element Measuring range
Accuracy: 2 % rel. h. (H) .10.xxx ,, H ,, (Hair) 10... 100 % rel. h.
3 % rel. h. (K) .12.xxx ,, K ,, (Synthetic) 0... 100 % rel. h.
.000 not lockable  
.900 lockable

Registration is done on recording charts which are streched onto a hand wound clock drum acc. to DIN 8300 and DIN 58658 or a quartz clock work. Delivery is effected with a set of recording charts (100 sheets) and recording pens.